Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nice Catch

We recently heard about a great informal peer to peer recognition program being used by a company in Mentor, Ohio. This manufacturing facility was looking to encourage employees to catch fellow workers doing extraordinary things and was charged with finding a way recognize these actions.

The program they developed, the NICE CATCH award, started when Human Resources and other company leaders initially saw an employee doing something above and beyond their normal responsibility. The awarded would be presented with a full-size football and a Sharpie marker. The recipient would sign the ball and then it became their responsibility to "catch" fellow employee. When they were able to locate the individual, the football and marker would be passed along for signature and of course, it became the next recipient's job to locate the next winner.

The program took off very nicely and the business had 8-10 footballs in circulation at any given time. When a ball was covered with names it would be retired to a display case near the door where employees entered the building. In the display case the balls were supported by tees that were signed by the company's leadership to symbolize the fact that management supports the program and the employees.

The feedback from company leadership has been very positive. They feel they've developed a traveling trophy that acts as continual reminder to employees about what the company values and how great catches happen every day!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Green Rewards

How can businesses encourage their employees to "think Green"? If environmentally friendly practices are important to your business, consider recognizing employees who help your organization achieve its green goals.

I was talking with an employer who recently gave out "GREEN MEANS GO" awards to employees who offered ideas for ways that the company could cost-effectively reduce, reuse or recycle.
If you're looking to implement a green recognition program, look for awards that offer options for the environmentally conscious employer.

There are loads of award options out there that will send the right message. Full disclosure, as you may know, I work for a recognition program provider, so I'm partial to some of the choices in our company's repertoire. Terryberry's collection includes earth-friendly options like sustainable bamboo housewares, an indoor gardener kit for home-grown produce or an eco-friendly battery-free watch. Online award redemption programs can also support a green recognition program by eliminating paper award brochures.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Put it in Writing

A handwritten note is something pretty special these days. It says to the recipient that you took some time and put some thought into what you put on the paper. If you present awards to employees, consider including a personally written note with a special award that you present to an employee. Or try keeping a pack of notes in your desk drawer. Keep it somewhere where it will catch your eye on a daily basis and remind you to jot off a quick note to thank an employee when you've caught them in the act of going that extra mile.

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