Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Terryberry's Employee Recognition Blog

Welcome to Terryberry Company's Employee Recognition blog!

We are fortunate in our travels and interaction with people and businesses to consistently learn about creative employee recognition award ideas and programs that exist in the corporate world. Our objective is to share these stories and experiences with the greater business community to improve employee satisifaction, job performance and ultimately, overall business success through postive personal interaction.

Over the years, we've seen and heard a ton of different stories a relating to the topic that we hope can help you and your business. A recent offering comes from a presentation to a group of Human Resource Professionals in New England. One of the attendees spoke about an interesting byproduct of public award presentations. Walter was his name, and he spoke about how PR was a neat outcome of Service Award Programs. Due to the fact they were consistently recognizing longer term employees it sent a message to some of the newer hires that "this is a pretty good place to work" and "people make a career out of it".

We apreciated Walter's mention of that neat outcome as it was one more reason for putting some thought and preparation into proper employee award presentations. The message you are sending through recognition impacts people in many different ways!